About Redwood Lion Memorial Foundation

Our Story

Redwood Lions Memorial Foundation is a 501-C3 foundation. We make a difference in the lives of the vision impaired by supporting   the Lions Clubs and the people in all of northern California. We provide equipment, exams, and training for those in need.

What makes us so effective is that we are part of Lions Clubs International, the largest service club in the world. We are in every country in the world and have 1.4 million members who are here to help.

The foundation consist of two separate funds, the “Investment” fund and the “Disaster relief” fund.

The Investment Fund

The “Investment” fund consists of monies that has been donated by individuals and corporations and this money is invested in dividend stocks, mutual funds and bond funds. The Dividends raised are used to support the Earle Baum Center, Lions Clubs and individuals in our district. This fund presently raises approximately $25,000 per year with 75% being donated to various causes and 25% being re-invested.

The Disaster Relief Fund

The “Disaster relief” fund is monies received from Lion Clubs and individuals and is directed to immediate disasters, such as “the Valley Fire” and “the Clayton Fire” and other district needs . This money is not invested but is used to help victims immediately. Last year we received $46,832.07 for the Valley Fire and spent over $48,000.00 to help victims of this terrible disaster. So far this year we have received a $10,000.00 grant from LCIF and we are working with the clubs around “Southshore” to help people in need in that area. Any monies that clubs wish to donate to RLMF for our “disaster relief” fund  shall be applied 100% to help those victims and other club needs in our district.  

One of our major projects that we support is the “Earle Baum Center”. We spend approximately $10,000.00 each year helping the center with its vision projects. Last year we purchased a “multi use” printer ($6795.00) that can be used by office personal as well as those that are visually impaired. The visually impaired can access, text to read, and use the available technologies to help them utilize the advantages of this machine.

We also spent $ 2600.00 to upgrade the center lighting this last year.

We received a $10,000.00 grant this year to be used for the “Quest” program in the Roseland school area. That money is now  being applied as specified in that grant.

We plan to continue our $10,000.00 donation each year to “Earle Baum Center” and appreciate any assistance from Clubs in District 4C2 to help us reach that goal. Our “Redwood Lions Memorial Fund” is also ready to assist Clubs in our district and we welcome any charity money it receives from clubs to help in that effort. If your club has charity monies in your budget and wish to help, please contact any member of the board of RLMF and they will be glad to assist you.


As a nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible (receipts available upon request). In addition to supporting our vision programs, your donations also help:

  • Provide Vision Equipment for Community Centers
  • Schedule Eye Checkups & Surgeries for Those Who Need through the Lions Eye Foundation
  • Provide Eyeglasses for Those Who Have Needs outside of Insurance
  • Collect Eyeglasses for Mexico & Third-World Countries

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Service Area:

Proudly Serving all of Northern California

Contact us at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 877-375-2109 to help us create life-changing opportunities for the vision impaired.