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The Redwood Lions Memorial Foundation of Santa Rosa, California, is committed to creating programs and providing vision equipment for the vision impaired. Helen Keller once asked us to be knights of the blind and that is exactly what we aim to be. We are here to help with the facilitation of charitable giving to fulfill a need that you or a family member might have in the future.


family with new homeThe phone call was a surprise:  “Can the Redwood Lions Memorial Foundation accept a donation of a used 5th wheel”?   And so the journey began.  Lion Hank Righetti and his wife Judy owned the 5th wheel, and after much thought had decided to sell it.  They contacted a salesman, and had the unit inspected in preparation for getting it on the market.  AND THEN CAME THE VALLEY FIRE!!!  Their daughter lives in Hidden Valley Lake, was evacuated with the rest of the residents, and upon finally getting access learned that her home had been spared but her good friend and neighbor’s home was gone.  Daughter Wendy knew about her parents plan to sell the 5th wheel, and thought it might be a benefit to her friend for the right price.  After a call to their tax advisor, the decision was made:  donate the 5th wheel to the Foundation, who can then issue the donation letter, and in turn transfer the unit to this family.  WHAT A POSITIVE OUTCOME OUT OF A NEGATIVE EVENT!!  The attached photos and thank you letter from the recipients tells it all.  We are so happy to have such thoughtful, generous Lions to share their treasures when the opportunity comes along.

RLMF Board of Directors,.
Lion Phyllis Rogers, secretary

Redwood Lion Memorial Foundation and the fires in Lake County

Here are some pictures of some of the relief work RLMF contributed to during the fires that occurred in Lake County in September 2015.

donated clothes

Some of the clothing that was donated

RLMF volunteers

Some of the supplies that were delivered

donated supplies

More supplies that were delivered

RLMF volunteer delivering donations

Supplies that were delivered by volunteer

RLMF fire plane

Fire plane sweeping over the burning areas

plane reliefing fire

Fire planes as they swept over the burning areas