Who We Are

Redwood Lions Memorial Foundation is a 501-C3 foundation that is committed to creating programs and providing vision equipment for the vision impaired. We provide equipment, exams, and training for those in need. The Redwood Lions Memorial Foundation has more than 90 years of experience. 

What makes us so effective is that we are in every country in the world and have 1.3 million members who are here to help. We are the largest service organization in the world. 

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Barry Bialkoski – President
PDG Phyllis Rogers – Vice President
PDG Robert Reuther – Secretary
PDG Claude Schwarz – Treasurer
PDG Buck Larson – Director
Bob Zie – Director


Proudly Serving Northern California including Marin County, & Sonoma County, California

Contact us at Santa Rosa Office Phone Number 877-375-2109 to help us create life-changing opportunities for the vision impaired.